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Ratha's Island 02

By rath8325 - Posted on 18 August 2009

Here's a description of the first Twitter story from The Scratching Log blog's“ClanChirps – Ratha on Twitter” posts

The Chirps also include a little ongoing tale, done in dialog, which is a prequel to Ratha's Courage. Featuring Bundi, from Clan Ground, and Mishanti, from Ratha and Thistle-Chaser, this little Twitter-playlet relates how the rumblers (indrotheres) Grunt and Belch came to be among the clan's herdbeasts and how they got their names. Composed directly on Twitter, this Named Twit-improv (Twitprov?) is coming directly from the kitty's mouth, so to speak, and not even the author knows what the Named will do or say next.”

This time, since this Twitter play introduced Ratha's Courage, the Miocene mob stayed within their setting and time.

In order to help orient readers who were unfamiliar with the series, (and encourage them to actually read the books!) some Chirps included links, especially at the beginning. For example, this first story tweet named the character and linked to the book where he first appeared.

ClanChirps-Bundi (Clan Ground, ):"Those poor rumbler babies are starving." 10:51 AM September 03, 2008 from web.

Here is Mishanti, warning Bundi to be careful while getting a threehorn milch-doe from the herd to provide milk for the rumbler babies:

ClanChirps- Mishanti: "Not get kicked in head, else you talk like me and Thistle. Kicked in furry butt, maybe OK." 10:18 PM September 04, 2008 from web

The tale got interrupted by several very “non-canon” escapades where the cats assumed the ability to teleport through time and peer into human activities, including the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, and, of course, the 2008 Presidential election.

See The Scratching Log post, “The Named Are Being Twits Again”

The tale did not so much end as wobble to a finish, but this Chirp helped bring it to a close.

ClanChirps - Thakur: "You can keep Grunt and Belch, and the milch-doe. You do have to take proper care of the deer, and I will check on that."12:13 PM Dec 11th, 2008 from web

So, the Named had gotten their paws wet in the Twitter stream. Both they and their fans on Twitter wanted more.

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