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Election financing reform

By rath8325 - Posted on 04 May 2010

Take Back our Government - Support Federally-funded Elections

After the Supreme Court decision, we the citizens of the United States of America need to take back our government. The Supreme Court decision means that speech is free only to those who can amass the immense amount of money it takes to buy it. Speech is now granted to dollars rather than to citizens. But we still have one power left: a coordinated vote.

Signing this petition will help to:

Get congress to put up a bill to have government finance campaigns.

Declare that none of us will vote to reelect any member of Congress of either party who moves to prevent a role-call vote on the bill or votes against the bill if the bill does not pass.

 For $5,350,000,000 (about 5 billion dollars) per year the government could supply a million dollars for each year of the office for up to ten candidates for each office. (A representative would get two million to run a campaign. A senator would get six million.) For that we could have a Congress and Senate that might vote for regulations that would save many times that amount in taxpayer’s largess to the big banks. It would also release about a third of their time to work for us rather than campaigning to get reelected.


Please support electoral campaign reform by entering your name, your 5 or 10 digit postal zipcode, and the last four digits of your SSN below.  The compiled results from this petion will be sent to your Congressional representatives.


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A petition to

1. Ask Congress to  introduce a bill to make government fund Federal election campaigns

2. Have signer declare that he or she will not support the re-election of any candidate unless they support a Federally-financed campaign election policy.

3. Have signer enter:

  A.  Either 7 digit or 10 digit zipcode in order to locate their representatives' district.

  B.  Last four digits of SSN to uniquely identify the individual signer in that district.

4. By sorting on  zipcode and unique identifier (SSN), enable correct number of signer statements to be routed to appropriate Senators and Representatives.

5. Collected data will be exported in spreadsheet-readable form, and downloaded to the individual responsible for collection/processing/interpreting/ forwarding results to organizations and candidates.

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