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Meet the Research Assistants (My Kitties)

By rath8325 - Posted on 06 October 2009

Research Assistants - Tweak


Hi, I'm Tweak.  I was born with this funny tweaked ear, but I can hear out of it just fine.  I'm one  the kitties who live at the ranch with Clare, and she thinks I'm special because none of the other cats have an ear like this.  I'm really small, and really quick, especially when I hear a can of catfood being opened.

New - 10/08/09 Me and my shadow.

Here's a pic of me racing my shadow. I'm galloping toward the camera, and you can see that my front feet are off the ground because they aren't touching the shadow-cat's feet. I can't figure out why I can't run faster than the shadow. At least it's always a tie.

I think my shadow looks scary, with all the pointy bits, like the ears.  It's legs are long than mine, if you can believe it!

I'm proud to be a research assistant for the Named series.   I'm a great jumper and my tail has a odd back and forth twitch, just like my my great-grandmother, Creek Kitty.  I show Clare how these little quirks can pass down from my forebearers .  Sometimes she calls me her mini-cheetah because I have such long legs.

Here I am with my new friend Kenzei, to show how small I am. Yes, he's a chunker, but not huge. I'm not a kitten;   I'm full-grown, but I never got  much beyond big-kitten size.  Since I'm female, I show a mix of colors from my orange grand-dad, Dannycat, my black cat mother and my blue-gray great grandma. The guys, like Kenzai here, are more of a solid color, or tabby. I'm much prettier, and I know it!

Clare's mother had a cat called Jenny, who was the original inspiration for Thistle-chaser. Both Jenny and I are tortise-shell cats.  Here's a sketch of her that Clare did back in 1982, I think.. Mum called her Jenny Many-Dots, because she had lots of them.  One of her kittens was Lucy Lots-of-Dots.



Jenny may have had some white, which would have made her a calico.  I don't, so I'm a tortie.

Us calicos and torties often have a different color on each side of the face, usually with more black on one side, and orange/white on the other.  I don't know why that is. Clare says something about "bilateral symmetry", but I have no idea what that means.  It's just one reason why I look like Jenny, and thus, Thistle.

The "mini-cheetah" - Tweak



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