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Scratching Log - Honoring Fan Art Contest Artists - Kati Clark

By rath8325 - Posted on 26 October 2011

Well, I thought we had come to the end of the Fan Artist Contest Interviews, but I was delighted when Sheila sent me two more. Kati Clark is another person who discovered the Named Series through fan art, specifically fan art on the Deviant Art website. DevArt originally began as a tattoo art site, hence the name, but it is now host to an amazing diversity of art. I also have artwork and sculpture there ( ) .

Here is the iconic Ratha with the Red Tongue theme, done in a unique and individual way. I like the way Kati depicted the fire, with an almost scratchboard effect plus a halo, which draws attention to the center of the piece. She has also had to overcome difficulties in creating this work, since her hands cramp easily. The shading on Ratha is lovely, and her ferocious expression is intense, so Meoran and his lackeys had better beware! Here is Kati Clark, telling us how and why she created her wrathful Ratha in “Revenge”. /CB



Your name: Kati Clark

Your age: 16

Title of your entry: Revenge

What media did you use for this artwork? 

I use digital techniques to make this entry. I used a Bamboo Fun tablet and Adobe Photoshop Elements

Tell us a little about your process for creating this work. 

Well, I really wanted to do another piece with Ratha and her creature. So, I figured I'd do the scene where Ratha confronts her clan's tyrannical leader with her creature. I was originally going to do a scene with Ratha walking through the woods and have Bonechewer up in the trees looking at her, but this was a bit less time consuming. Since this was a digital work, I sketched it out, dd the line art, colored, shaded, and then did the background.

What inspired the work, and/or what were you trying to convey?

I was trying to convey the fight through a clan member's eyes, with the focus being Ratha.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about the entry?

Although it may not look like much, it did take a while. My hands tend to cramp up very quickly, and I tend to rush to get things done. Although this was one of those cases, I'm proud of it still. :)

When did you first read the Named books, and how did you discover them? I started reading them this year just after I discovered the series on deviantart from the wonderful artwork that was there.

What's your favorite book in the Named series?

I've only read two so far, so my favorite is Ratha's Creature.

Coffee or hot chocolate? Hot chocolate in the winter, coffee any time else

Ereader or print? Ereader

Firekeeper or Herder? Firekeeper :D

Thakur or Bonechewer? Thakur

Ratha or Thistle-Chaser? Ratha

Do you have a link where people can view more of your artwork?


Yes, people can find more of my art at 


Random image


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