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Honoring FanArt Creators in Scratching Log: Links

By rath8325 - Posted on 26 January 2012

Scratching Log Blog Links: Honoring Ratha Fan Art Contest Artists:

10/26/2011  I thought we had only eight interviews, but Sheila sent me two more!  So, number nine up in the sunlight of recognition is Kati Clark with her striking "Revenge".

10/14/2011 Number eight up on the sunning rock for recognition is Rhiannon Fields, with her Halloween-appropriate ghostly "Charcoal Ratha".

10/11/2011 During my trip to Vail, Colorado for the Sirens Conference on Women and Fantasy, I posted the interview with First Prize Winner Michelle Bryant, and her digitally created "Tamer of the Red Tongue".  I love the way the sparks whirl around Ratha's head.

10/03/2011  Sixth up; Long-time Ratha devotee and fan artist, Tori O'Shea, with "Ratha and Bonechewer: Forever Love"

09/24/2011   Fifth, we have another gifted 14-year old; Cheyanne Dawn Welsh with an edgy and defiant Ratha done in colored pencil.

09/22/2011  Number four is digital artist Rachel McCoy, with her blazing and beautiful entry, "My Creature".

09/19/2011  The third post in the revived Scratching Log showcases a dynamic and determined Karyl Cunningham

09/14/2011 The second post in the new Scratching Log introduces a very talented 14-year-old Alyssa Briggs.

09/13/2011 The Scratching Log Blog for the Ratha series returns!  Our first posts honor the wonderful artists who sent entries to the Ratha Fan Art contest.



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