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Further Confusion 2010 Furry Convention, Jan 22-24, 2010 San Jose Fairmont

By rath8325 - Posted on 12 January 2010

Hi clan-cats!

I will be attending FurtherConfusion 2010, a flurry convention in San Jose, CA, Jan 22-24. I will be involved in the following events, but I'll be available to meet people and talk about the series. If you are in the area, please drop in and say hi. I have a room at the Fairmont and can make it available for get-togethers during the convention.

FC2010 Programming Director

Schedule for Clare Bell:

How To Submit for Publication
Okay, you've got your story written. Now, how do you give yourself the best chance of getting it published? We'll talk about what you need to do to be ready to submit, the work you need to do to prepare your submission, and even what you need to do after submitting.
Time: Friday, Jan 22 01:00 PM To 02:30 PM in Empire
Panelists: Clare Bell, Jeff Eddy

Created Species
For any person out there who's character is a species they created thats new to the world, this is for you!
Time: Friday, Jan 22 05:00 PM To 06:30 PM in Glen Ellen
Panelists: Clare Bell

Science of World Building
When creating worlds for writing, comics, or any form of fiction, it's important to get the science right. We will discuss the issues around building realistic worlds here. Five published authors with real science backgrounds will be ready to share their experiences with you.
Time: Friday, Jan 22 08:00 PM To 09:30 PM in California
Panelists: Clare Bell, Roger Arnold, Gerald D. Nordley, Matthew Joseph Harrington, Candy

Characterization Workshop
Characterization is the heart of modern fiction. Come, discuss and listen to experienced writers on the topic of general characterization in fiction.
Time: Saturday, Jan 23 03:00 PM To 04:30 PM in Empire
Panelists: Not Tube, Clare Bell, Hilary Ayer

"Ratha's Courage" reading
Clare Bell reads from her latest novel, "Ratha's Courage", and might also show her copy of the CBS Storybreak cartoon episode that was based on Ratha's Creature,
Time: Sunday, Jan 24 01:00 PM To 02:30 PM in Plaza
Panelists: Clare Bell

How To Make Your Stories Furry
Writing a furry story is easy, right? "Once there was a fox who..." But furry stories are more than just characters with ears and tails. Talk to some authors with years of experience in building furry worlds and creating furry stories to discuss where the line is between "humans in animal suits" and "mentioning species in every sentence" so that your stories can be as furry as you want them to be.
Time: Sunday, Jan 24 05:00 PM To 06:30 PM in Empire
Panelists: Not Tube, Clare Bell, Kyell Gold


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