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Ratha's Island

Beginning on March 14, 2009, a new experiment in Y/A fantasy fiction appeared on Twitter. “Ratha's Island”, a novelette designed specifically for the micro-blogging service's 140 character format, ran twice daily in blocks of 6-10 sequential “tweets” or short posts (Twitter's logo is a little bluebird, so it's messages are called “tweets”). Twitter's designers imposed the 140 character limit to enable cellphones and other wireless devices to receive the messages.) Ratha's Island ran faithfully every day, with the exception of a one-weekend break, and drew over 1000 followers to my @rathacat Twitter stream.

 Ratha Attacking the Condor-Eagle, art and photo 2009 by Clare Bell


The main intent was to entertain people on Twitter, get them interested in the Ratha series, publicize the the new short story, "Bonechewer's Legacy" in Firebirds Soaring anthology, edited by Sharyn November, and to celebrate the newest novel, Ratha's Courage, published by Sheila Ruth of Imaginator Press.

The Ratha's Island project started when Sheila noted Twitter's early explosive growth. She began to use the site and suggested that I experiment with it to publicize the Ratha series. At first, like many new Twitter users, I wasn't sure why I was there, or what the service was really for. I noticed other authors trying out various types of fiction, ranging from compressed and punchy “micro-fiction” to complete novels, tweeted line-by-line. Reaction to these was mixed.

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#13 Porsche at APS race

Join other Named Series fans on the Ratha Series Forum.  Hunt up information in the Fire Den, read the new Twitter creation, "Ratha's Island", or strut before the clan to introduce yourself in the Fire Dance.

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